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by Sherri ~ July 16th, 2009. Filed under: Networking with Paddlers.

Over the years working at Laacke & Joys and being a kayaking instructor, I have been approached by a number of women with the problem of finding other female kayakers with whom they can get connected to do some paddling.  It seems to be especially difficult for the recreational kayakers who just want to paddle on inland lakes and rivers.  Here in the Milwaukee area, there are no formal clubs and no one holds symposia for recreational paddlers.  I know that there are internet groups like the Milwaukee Sea Kayakers Yahoo Group that include recreational paddlers, but the recrational people do not seem willing to post on the site in order to find other like-minded paddlers.  I’m willing to try to help out in getting new paddlers connected to others if I can, especially the women, but I’m not sure how best to accomplish this.  I’m looking for suggestions, hopefully from the women paddlers themselves.  For those who have successfully connected with other paddlers, how did you do it?  For those who are still trying, what would you like to see happening out there to help you?

Let me know your ideas.  You can send me an e-mail through this website, you can mail me a letter via snail mail, or you can give me a call.  I’m not sure we can get something put together for this paddling season, but I would like to see something ready for next spring.  How hard can this be?  (famous last words)


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