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Tying a Bowline

Last Thursday evening I gave a seminar on how to tie some of the most useful knots for paddlers.  We had over 20 people in attendance!  Since it appears to be a very popular topic, I decided to share some of the information in my very first video blog post.  Let me know how you like it.

The bowline is a very useful knot in tying down the bow and stern of your canoe or kayak when transporting the boat on a car rack.  Along with the “Trucker’s Hitch”, you can secure just about any load to your roof rack using these two knots.

If you want to see another view of the bowline being tied around an object like the bumper of a car, here’s a video from PalateProductions on YouTube showing the bowline being tied around a cleat on a powerboat.

I’ll post another video soon on how to tie a Trucker’s Hitch.

Now go out there and practice.


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