Thanksgiving Upon The Sea

by Sherri ~ November 24th, 2010. Filed under: Sherri's Musings.

IMGP0740Five years ago, Nancy Koeppen shared the following poem written by Bob Carter on the Milwaukee Sea Kayakers Yahoo Site.  As we prepare to celebrate another Thanksgiving, I’d like to share this poem with all of my readers.

“Thanksgiving Upon The Sea”  by Bob Carter

O Creator of the glorious stars of the heavens above and the wonders of the earth below, we offer our thanksgiving in the midst of wind and waves.

We give heartfelt thanks for:

Great and vast oceans that offer grand odyssey of adventure and wonder.

Far horizons that call us ever onward

The rise and fall of the restless tides

Windswept waves that roam wild and free upon the sea

Deep rolling swells that declare the story of powerful distant storms

Calm waters that offer gifts of serenity and wonder

We rejoice in:

Wild untamed wind that drives the storm

Soft morning fog

Relentless winds that renew the seas

Still waters

Tempestuous winds pushing us to our limits, and making us strong

Warm soft sand beaches at the end of a long day

We drift in awe before:

Pounding, roaring, crashing surf

Gentle lapping waves

Rocky jagged cliffs that rise majestically out of the sea

Quiet protected bays

Windswept storm-ravaged coasts

Hidden coves and gentle backwaters

We gaze in wonder at:

Immense ice bergs sculpted by the wind and waves

Snow-capped mountains

Lush tropical forests

Waterfalls tumbling into the sea

Red sunsets upon the sea

Dawn’s first light

We celebrate:

Magnificent whales rising and falling within the sea

Eagles soaring effortlessly upon a deep blue sky

Squawking gulls and colorful Harlequins

Powerful bears roaming the beach

Curious seals and grumpy ol’ sea lions

Sea otter babies asleep on their mothers’ tummies

We embrace the mystery of:

The Northern Lights dancing with mystery and grace

Hot coals dancing red in a driftwood fire

The haunting call of the Loon in the still of the night

The who who who of the Owl under the stars

The icy chill of Wolves howling beneath the full moon

The Raven’s ragged cry at morning’s first light

We cherish:


Shared adventures with friends

The first paddle after a long cold winter

Blue sky after a storm

Unforgettable moments of surprise and wonder

Sacred moments of self discovery

We remember:

Our first journey upon the sea

Our last

The voyages of yesterday

The dreams of Odysseys to come

Small boats upon a vast se

The first brace adventurer in a kayak of skin and bone

Hear O Lord, our Creator, our thanksgivings of awe and wonder in the midst of wind and waves.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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