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Tying the “Trucker’s Hitch”

Once you have a canoe or kayak, one of the first things you need to learn is how to safely car-top your boat to the water.  While there are some ratcheting straps that can be used to secure the bow and stern of your boat, I much prefer to use a rope and a “Trucker’s Hitch” whenever possible.  I have posted a new video on YouTube as well as just below this post, showing how to tie this useful knot.  I already have the video of “Tying a Bowline” posted on the “Photo Gallery” page of this website. I hope to add a video showing how to tie the “Half Hitch” needed to secure the “Trucker’s Hitch” in the near future.

As long as it is too cold, snowy, and windy for most of us to be out paddling right now, you can take this time to sit by the fire and practice your knot-tying skills.


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