Characteristics of Whitewater Kayaks

by Sherri ~ January 31st, 2011. Filed under: Kayaking Equipment, Kayaks.

As part of my series in helping new paddlers learn about the different types of kayaks, I have just published another video blog.  This video talks about some of the basic characteristics that separate whitewater kayaks from recreational and sea/touring kayaks.  Here in southeast Wisconsin, we don’t have much in the way of nearby whitewater rivers to paddle, so many people who are recreational and sea kayakers don’t know a lot about whitewater kayaks.  This video is intended to give a brief introduction to the features that make these kayaks so different.  If you are already a whitewater kayaker looking for a more in-depth discussion of the differences between river runners, creek boats, playboats, cross-overs, squirt boats, etc., that information will be coming in a future blog post.


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