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JENNIFER 038 (2)I just got home from attending a planning meeting for WACKO, which stands for Waterford Area Canoe & Kayak Outing (not a support group for paddling nuts).  The event is scheduled for Saturday, August 6th, this year.  It’s a great event for all paddlers regardless of the type of boat you paddle or your skill level, and is held on the Fox River in Racine County, Wisconsin.  There are divisions for solo and tandem canoes and kayaks.  Kids are also welcome to participate.   The roughly 5-mile course starts at the Tichigan DNR boat ramp and ends just above the dam in Waterford.

For the more competitive racers, this is a nice local race that could be used as a training event as you stay in shape for other bigger races.  If you are just getting into surf skis and are a little nervous about using your boat on the big water races, this could be a good place to start as the Fox River is pretty calm, especially in August.

Recreational paddlers and families are also welcome at this event, and you don’t have to be a racer to participate.  There is food and entertainment at the end of the race, and if you are a runner, you can stay and compete in the Full Moon 4 Miler Run/Walk which takes place later that day.

As paddlers here in Southeast Wisconsin, I know we’re all getting more than a little antsy to get out on the water.  The weather this spring has been terrible.  While you wait for sunshine and warm temperatures, why not get on the internet and do some research on paddling events like WACKO or just look for some new places to paddle.  Summer will eventually get here, and as we know all too well, it goes by way too fast in this latitude.  You need to have your plans in place ahead of time so that you can make the best use of every available minute.  At the very least, you can start by looking at the “Events” page of this website, although the meager list on my site is by no means comprehensive when it comes to all the activities and events going on throughout the paddling season.  If you know of an event (especially a local one), that should be added to my “Events” page, please send it along and I would be glad to post it!

If you need some ideas on places to go paddling, or just want to forget the weather outside and lose yourself in dreams of beautiful paddling destinations, you can come to my presentation this Wednesday, April 27th, on “Places to Paddle/Planning a Trip”.  The seminar begins at 6pm at the Laacke & Joys store in Brookfield.  I’ll be repeating the same presentaion on Thursday evening, April 28th, at the Laacke & Joys store in Downtown Milwaukee, also at 6pm.

Canoecopia is long past, but Paddlefest is coming up on May 21 & 22, at the Laacke & Joys in Downtown Milwaukee.  This is always a great event for those looking to buy canoes and kayaks, but who need to do some test paddling first.

It’s also time to start signing up for the trips and classes you want to take this summer, so don’t forget to take a look at the “Class/Trips Description” and “Schedule” pages.

I’m going to head to the Wolf River to do a little whitewater kayaking myself before I get really busy with my teaching, but I hope to be seeing you on the water soon!


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