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USK Greenland Rolling DVD – Part 2

Maligiaq & Dubside 2 DVD cropI just finished watching the second volume of the University of Sea Kayaking (USK) DVD set, “Greenland Rolling with Maligiaq & Dubside”.  It covers 21 of the 35 rolls/skills included in the 2011 Greenlandic National Kayaking Championships.  Most of what I had to say in reviewing the first volume of this 2-DVD set would also apply for this second disc.  The format and presentation of the instruction is basically the same in both DVD’s.  The section on “Getting Ready to Roll” is actually a complete repeat of that same section also found in the first DVD.  It has been included in this second DVD for the benefit of viewers who may not have seen the first DVD before watching the second volume.

As always, I appreciate the excellent camera work and the inclusion of several different camera angles for viewing each skill.  Dubside does a very nice job of pointing out subtle aspects of each technique and often gives suggestions on ways to make it easier to learn some of these rolls with appropriate credit being given to the instructors from whom he first learned these ideas.

My general impression is that this second DVD is more for the serious Greenland rolling aficionado.  The rolls and maneuvers included in this second volume are generally more difficult than most of the rolls included in the first DVD, and some have little or no practical value.  Dubside admits at one point that some of these rolls have been included in the Greenland competition just to make it tougher for the competitors and create a way to separate the best and strongest rollers from the rest of the competition.

The bonus sections on “Learning to Roll” and “Euro Paddle Transition” are well done and useful to the paddler who is just learning to roll but would likely not be necessary for the level of kayaker who would be attempting to learn the rolls included in this DVD.

If you are a serious traditional Greenland-style paddler and/or you love to roll just for the sake of rolling and are looking to add some new skills to your repertoire, then this is going to be a must have DVD set for you.  If you are just interested in using Greenland technique as a stepping stone to learn your first roll, then I would suggest that you buy the “Part 1” DVD and pass on the “Part 2”.


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