Looking for a used kayak?

by Sherri ~ August 27th, 2013. Filed under: Events, Kayaking Equipment.

If you are in the market for a used sea kayak, this time of year you may have some opportunities to pick one up from outfitters and rental operations.  You may need to do a little calling around or research on the internet. Laacke & Joys in Milwaukee will be having a rental sale later in September.  You can call the store at 414-271-7878 to get the dates.     I have also been informed that there is a gear swap/sale being held in Lake Geneva – information below.  This might also be a good opportunity to pick up some gear or a kayak.  Since I do not want to create any problems for the person organizing this event, I have deleted some of the important personal information from this post.  If you are in the market for a kayak or need to sell one, you can call Sonya at the phone number below.  If you need the address of the event, you can contact me and I will pass it on after screening for spammers and other ne’er-do-wells.

The Lake Geneva inland kayakers will be having our annual kayak, outdoor gear swap next week Sept 5,6,7 (Thurs, Fri, Sat)  In the past, rec boats, and beginner boats have done well at this event but there will also be sea kayaks here.  If you have a kayak to sell or know of someone looking, just let me know.  262-348-0756  Sonya.



When  8 to dark each day

Where: Lake Geneva

If you know of other opportunities to buy boats and gear, let me know and I will pass it on.


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