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SherriKayaks 2015 Schedule of Classes and Trips is Out!

I have the preliminary 2015 schedule posted on the “Schedule” page of this website.  I am doing a few things differently this year, though.  In the past, due to a lack of clairvoyance on my part, I have always ended up cancelling several classes that didn’t get anyone interested in registering while not having enough dates for other more popular trips and classes.  On top of that, the “popular” programs seem to change from year to year making it almost impossible for me to schedule for maximum benefit to my students during our limited paddling season here in Wisconsin.

This year, I am trying something new for my “Try Kayaking,” “Try Canoeing,” and “Try SUP” classes and several of my “Next Steps” for sea kayakers classes.  Rather than scheduling specific classes on specific dates, I have instead allotted 9 dates for all of the three different “Try. . .” classes and 12 dates for several of the “Next Steps” courses.  What you’ll see when you read the schedule is that I have the same list of dates below all three of the “Try Kayaking,” “Try Canoeing,” and “Try SUP” headings.  If someone is interested in signing up for one of these programs, they just need to pick the date that works best and then give me a call as soon as possible.  The first person who registers for any of the dates, gets to pick which topic will be taught on that day.  For example, if someone calls and wants to register for “Try Canoeing” on June 9th, that date will become a “Try Canoeing” class and I will remove that date from the lists of dates on the schedule page below “Try Kayaking” and “Try SUP”.  That means the early birds will get to determine how many times each course will be offered and on which dates they will be scheduled instead of me trying to pick the dates.

I’m following a similar approach with the following “Next Steps” courses: Forward Stroke Clinic, Better Boat Control-levels 1 & 2, Safety & Rescues-levels 1 & 2, Advanced Rescues, and Bracing.

If I have managed to completely confuse you with the above explanation, feel free to give me call at 262-895-2008 and I’ll help you sort through your options.  As I sit here looking out at the 12 inches of snow that have fallen in the last couple days, it may seem like the paddling season is still far away, but like me I think you’ll be surprised at how quickly it will arrive and even more quickly it goes by.  If you’re serious about trying some form of paddlesports this  year, or have a goal to improve your kayaking skills, now is the time to start planning your strategy and pick out your classes and trips!

See you on the water this summer!


P.S.  Look for my talks at Canoecopia in Madison this March!  I’ll be talking about “Proper Care and Feeding of Your Boat/Board” and “Things Your Mother Never Told You About Kayak Accessories.” 

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