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The following are excerpts from letters and emails that I have received from clients:


“Thanks for the great trip today and especially for showing us how to paddle. I feel much more comfortable. It seems that there’s more power in turning my body and pushing with the ball of my foot on the pedal. Besides I’m no longer hitting my knuckles on the side of the boat.

It was great!”

Joann (Milwaukee River History Trip)


“I just want to thank you for the excellent class . . . last Saturday. I learned so much from you that day!”

Dave and I took your suggestion and upgraded our paddles. We . . . each bought a Werner Carbon Shaft paddle. That was the best tip you gave us! What a difference over the aluminum paddles we had! No wonder I was so tired.  I didn’t realize how heavy it was until I tried your carbon paddle. Wise investment for kayaking, as I do like my kayak and no need to spend a lot of money on that at this point. The paddle is where we needed to put the funds.”

“Thanks again!”

Kathy (Recreational Kayaking Basics Class)


“Thanks for the very informative lesson Saturday. I look forward to practicing what I learned. Kayaking seems to be a fun way to enjoy our lakes and rivers. I realize as beginners we have much to learn, but it will help to have a good start with the proper technique.”

Dave (private group class)


“Instruction is more than teaching a particular skill, but enabling the student to explore and experiment—To develop their own identity and establish their own goals. You provide some of the best fundamentals available. I learn something from you every time I’m on the water with you.”

Al (Mentor Program)


“I wouldn’t be at this level without a superb mentor!. . . I (want to say) how patient and great you were in helping me overcome my fear of being underwater when teaching me how to roll.”

Tim (Mentor Program / Rolling Instruction)


“Thanks again for such an awesome job teaching my students.  Loved your roll demo along with the rescues.  The students really enjoyed it .”

Karen (Teacher, High School Physical Education Programs)


“I definitely did not expect to enjoy the experience as much as I actually did.  I was so scared when I watched you flip the kayak over, but once I tried I realized it was actually super fun!  I’m really glad I got to learn from you.  I know that not many schools do activities like this.  Thank you so much again for sharing your passion with my class  : )

Caitlin (Thank-you note from a student, High School Physical Education Programs)


“I am new to sea kaying and I stumbled across your website the other day. I have spent several hours reading all your articles in the Archive and have found a lot of great info. The one thing I really appreciate about your articles on bracing and forward stroke is that you talk about what should be going on with the lower part of one’s body. So many video’s I’ve watched recently . . . do not give instruction on what the legs should be doing and where the pressure needs to be applied. Your Feb ’11 post on Greenland Style Braces was excellent it this regard. I purchased Helen Wilson’s video and have watched it but was puzzled as to how to actually do the balanced brace. Your description of how the pressure is applied by the upper leg really made it come together.”

“Anyway, really just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and have picked up some new tips.”

David (website visitor from California)



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