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Equipment is provided for all introductory/beginner-level courses and trips.  For more advanced classes in which equipment is not provided, students can arrange to rent from SherriKayaks Outdoor Programs for a nominal fee.   Every effort is made to keep boats, paddles, life jackets, wet suits, and all other equipment in top condition for safety, comfort, and performance.  Wetsuits and other items of paddle clothing are always available for students to use when conditions warrant.  For more specifics about manufacturers and models of the equipment used in SherriKayaks programs, see below.

Recreational Kayaks IMGP1944

  • Jackson Regal
  • Old Town Jolt 11.6
  • Old Town Loon 138
  • Old Town Otter
  • Old Town Voyager (two)
  • Perception Prodigy 10
  • Perception Swifty 9.5 (two)
  • Aquaterra Keowee
  • Islander Hula (sit-on-top)
  • West Marine Abaco 9.5 (sit-on-top)

Touring Kayaks – solo

  • Current Designs Sirocco – skeg
  • Current Designs Solstice SS – rudder
  • Dagger Halifax 15.5 – rudder
  • Dagger Meridian SK – skeg
  • Necky Elaho – skeg
  • Nigel Dennis Kayaks (NDK) Explorer – skeg
  • Nigel Dennis Kayaks (NDK) Romany – skeg
  • 2007 Perception Carolina 14.5 (six total)
  • Perception Eclipse – rudder
  • Prijon Seayak with rudder

Tandem Kayaks

  • Eddyline San Juan (sea/touring)
  • Necky Amaruk with rudder (sea/touring)
  • Nigel Dennis Kayaks (NDK) Triton (sea/touring)
  • Perception Prodigy II 14.5 (recreational)
  • 2 – West Marine Abaco 13.5 (sit-on-top)

Kids Kayaks

  • Englehardt Products Inc. Episea
  • Jackson Kayaks Fun 1 (whitewater)
  • 2 – Jackson Kayaks Mini Tripper (recreational)
  • Ocean Kayaks KEA (sit-on-top)
  • Perception Umiak
  • Wilderness Systems Piccolo

Whitewater Kayaks

  • Dagger RPM 9.0
  • Dagger GT 7.8
  • Dagger GTX
  • Dagger Juice 6.9
  • Dagger Centrifuge
  • 2 – Wave Sport Project 62


  • Old Town Discovery 158
  • Wenonah Solo Plus
  • Wenonah Voyager

Standup Paddle Boards (SUP)

  • Surftech B-1 Bomber (two total)
  • Bic Sport Dura-Tec 11.4
  • Bic Sport Ace-Tec 11.6 Classic
  • Bic Sport Wing Wahine 11′
  • Riviera Surf Riviera 11.6
  • Jimmy Styks Scout
  • Jimmy Styks Scout Extreme
  • Jimmy Styks Orca (soft-top)
  • Earth River SUP 11′ (inflatable)
  • RRD Air Tourer Light Stripe 12′ (inflatable)


Most of our kayak paddles and all of our SUP paddles are made by Werner Paddles

We use an assortment of canoe paddles from Bending Branches, Carlisle, Current Designs, Gray Owl, Kialoa, Wenonah, and Werner.

Life Jackets (PFD’s)

We use assorted U.S. Coast Guard-approved Type 3 life jackets from Astral, MTI, NRS, Kokatat, Stohlquist, and ExtraSport in all sizes from child through adult.


Sprayskirts are only used on touring kayaks in classes where the students have the opportunity to demonstrate a wet exit.  We use mostly nylon skirts from a variety of manufacturers such as Harmony, NRS, Snap Dragon Designs, Wilderness Systems, and Wildwasser.  A limited number of neoprene sprayskirts are available for use in more advanced classes by request.


Since many of our classes require students to spend time in the water practicing wet exits and re-entry skills, we have full-length and shorty farmer john-style wetsuits for students to use whenever the weather or water temperatures are on the chilly side.  We have a variety of sizes from XS to XXL including some women-specific sizes.  Our wetsuits are mostly 2.5 and 3mm suits made by NRS, Warmers, and Body Glove.



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