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Fox River/ Tichigan Wildlife Area (schedule)

For those of your who enjoy watching wildlife or just want a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of civilization, the Fox River is a great place to paddle. We’ll be looking for birds and enjoying the sound of breezes blowing through cattails. It’s a great way to unwind! Paddling time on the trips ranges from 2-3 hours.  Depending on the section of the river being paddled, distances can be from 3.5 to 7.4 miles in length.  All paddling equipment is provided.  All trips are suitable for beginners, however, be advised that on all but the last trip, there are no areas where we can stop and get out of the kayaks between the put-in and take-out.

  • Mukwonago to Big Bend – 7.4 miles  (woods, open marsh, and rural farm scenery)
  • Big Bend to Tichigan – 6.6 miles  (mostly open marsh type scenery)
  • Tichigan to Waterford – 5 miles  (open marsh in parts, many homes on the shoreline, boat traffic)
  • Waterford to Saller Woods – 3.5 miles  (wooded, shoreline homes, 1 portage around a dam)

Milwaukee River History Tour (schedule)

If you’re interested in the history of Milwaukee along the river, this trip is 2-2.5 hours well spent! Enjoy the beautiful downtown waterfront from a new perspective in the seat of a kayak. Learn about the history of the river and the city that grew up on its banks. Even if you’ve lived in Milwaukee your whole life, it’s unlikely that you’ve ever seen it from this angle.  When we have extra time, we may take a short side trip up the Menomonee River past the Harley Museum.  No previous experience is necessary, and all paddling equipment is provided.





Root River

Root River Fall Color Trip (schedule)

Here in southeast Wisconsin, winters are long, summer is short, and spring is practically non-existent. But no one complains about autumn when the trees are showing off their colors on a sunny fall afternoon. Spend 2-2.5 hours on the Root River above the Horlick Dam in Racine. We’ll paddle past River Bend Nature Center looking for birds and turtles while all around us the water reflects the beautiful colors of the trees. All paddling equipment is provided.  No previous paddling experience is required.





South Shore Park on Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan Sunset Sea Kayak (schedule)

If you are interested in trying a sea kayak on Lake Michigan and want to do it safely, then let me invite you on a trip suitable for a Lake Michigan novice. We’ll launch from inside the breakwater at South Shore Park. Our route will be determined by the wind and wave conditions on the day of the trip. If it is calm, we may venture outside the wall on the open lake. If not, we can stay within the protected area perhaps just poking our bows out into the rougher stuff at the south end of the wall.  Participants will use 14′ or longer touring kayaks.  Previous paddling experience is not required, but participants should be comfortable in the water as capsizes are always a possibility.

Entering Lulu Lake from the west

Lulu Lake Exploration (schedule)

Lulu Lake is a small and somewhat remote lake noted for being part of the pristine Mukwonago River watershed.  Unlike most lakes in southeastern Wisconsin, Lulu Lake has only 2 homes on its shores being surrounded by a Nature Conservancy property and a State Natural Area.  This 95-acre kettle lake is home to several rare and endangered species of plants and animals as well as the more typical flora and fauna of a Wisconsin lake.  In order to access the lake, we launch into Eagle Springs Lake and paddle through a small channel to get into Lulu Lake.  This trip is suitable for beginners.  All kayaking equipment is provided.



Wood Island in Wind Lake

Wood Island in Wind Lake

Discover Wind Lake (by request)

Wind Lake and the canal that connects it to Big Muskego Lake are an interesting and enjoyable place to spend a few hours in a kayak.  We’ll start at the boat launch on the canal north of Wind Lake and paddle down into the lake itself.  After a brief stop to stretch our legs, we’ll continue through the lake exploring an island or two before finishing up at the boat ramp on the southwest corner of Wind Lake.  Much of Wind Lake is so shallow that you can step out of your boat into the water if you need to cool your feet.  On a calm day, you may be able to see a fish swim below you!  No previous paddling experience is necessary.  We provide all the kayaking equipment.





Big Muskego Lake Adventure (schedule)


If you are a naturalist at heart, this is a trip you’ll want to do!  Big Muskego Lake is really more like a 2,260-acre marsh with a maze of cattail islands. Bird watchers will be thrilled to sight yellow-headed blackbirds, osprey, egrets, and Forsters terns along with plenty of great blue herons.  Most of the lake is less than four feet deep and the clear water allows you to spot fish and turtles swimming beneath your kayak.  A nationally recognized lake restoration effort in the mid 1990’s greatly improved the wildlife habitat of this special wetland. Even Aldo Leopold made reference to it in his famous book, “A Sand County Almanac.”  This is an easy trip for beginners and requires no previous paddling experience.

Big Muskego Lake









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