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SherriKayaks Outdoor Programs will not be offering any whitewater courses in 2017.  The Bear Paw Outdoor Adventure Resort is under new ownership.  It is unclear whether they will be offering classes or private instruction at the Bear Paw, so it is recommended that you contact them directly to get the latest information on what options may be available to you.  If you have questions about other sources for whitewater instruction, please feel free to contact Sherri by email or phone at 262-895-2008.

Sherri kayaking down Horse Race Rapid on the Peshtigo River


Introduction to Whitewater Kayaking (schedule)
For many paddlers, there is nothing better than to enjoy the beauty and excitement of a fast-flowing river.  However, there are some unique challenges and risks that go along with the satisfaction and enjoyment.  If you aspire to venture out on class II or higher water in the future, you will want to get some formal instruction before heading out on your own.  This 2-day course is taught on Boulder Lake and the Wolf River in north central Wisconsin.  We start out the first day getting used to paddling whitewater kayaks on a nearby lake before heading out for practice on some easier rapids.  On Day 2, most of the day is spent on the river where you will be challenged by some slightly bigger rapids.  The Wolf River is a fantastic location for learning how to paddle whitewater as there are stretches of river to accommodate all skill levels from beginner to advanced.  You can challenge yourself as much or as little as you feel comfortable.  If time permits, there may be opportunities to begin working on rolling your kayak, although this is not the primary focus of this class.

Lodging and meals are not included in the price of this course.  We meet at the Bear Paw Outdoor Adventure Resort in White Lake, Wisconsin in Langlade County.  The Bear Paw has lodging options ranging from tent camping to cabins with full kitchens and there are restaurants in the area for those who prefer not to cook.  For information on booking a stay at the Bear Paw, you can check out their website or call 715-882-3502.

Skills and Information Covered in this Course:

  • Introduction to whitewater equipment
  • Basic strokes for maneuvering (forward, reverse, sweeps, draws, stopping)
  • Identifying river features (eddies, eddy lines, holes, downstream V’s, upstream V’s, wave trains)
  • Reading the water/understanding the Class I-VI rating system
  • Scouting a rapid
  • Eddy turns, peel outs, ferrying in Class I-II water
  • Identifying river hazards
  • Swimming in a rapid
  • Basic self-rescue and assisted rescues
  • River safety and group organization
  • Car topping and carrying whitewater kayaks
  • Introduction to bracing and rolling (as time permits)




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