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Paddling is truly an activity that just about anyone can participate in.  Even if you think you may have some special challenges, it is likely that these issues can be easily addressed so that you too can enjoy the freedom that canoeing and kayaking afford.  I would be happy to discuss with you any concerns you might have regarding your participation as a canoeist or kayaker.  You can call me at 262-895-2008 or send me an e-mail.  We can arrange custom programming, or talk about any adjustments that can be made that would allow you to participate in one of our already scheduled courses.


Essential Eligibility Criteria for Kayak and Canoe Classes

Everyone who participates in a class, trip, or private lesson through SherriKayaks Outdoor Programs must meet the “Essential Eligibility Criteria” for the class.  Simply stated, this is a list of basic physical skills that a person must have in order to safely participate in our kayaking and canoeing programs.  Very few people will be unable to meet these criteria, but be aware that if you are unable to perform these basic skills, it would be very unsafe for you to participate in paddle sports.  It is for your own safety that I would encourage you to take the time to carefully read through these criteria before registering for any classes or trips.


Products to Assist in Modifying a Canoe/Kayak for Adaptive Applications

  • Angle Oar – paddle adaptation for those with difficulty holding a kayak paddle
  • Chosen Valley Canoe Accessories – Universal Paddling Seat
  • Creating Ability – adaptive paddling equipment for paddlers with special needs
  • Freedom Kayaks – specially modified kayaks that make re-entry after a capsize easier for those who lack the use of their leg muscles
  • Harmony Kayaking Accessories – sponson kit to add stability to a kayak for re-entry after a capsize or while paddling
  • One-Arm Freedom – canoe paddle for paddlers with use of only one arm (contact the inventor directly by e-mail – cdillenschneider@northland.edu)
  • One Arm Paddle – canoe paddle that is attached to the arm of the paddler
  • Paddling Partner – fixed ballast system for kayaks that can improve stability
  • Sailboats To Go – canoe stabilizer float kits
  • Spring Creek – ethafoam and hydrodynamic stabilizer floats for canoes and kayaks
  • Wave Armor – kayak/canoe stabilizer float kit

Adaptive Paddle 2010 Rick Adaptive Paddle 2010


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