Where possible, I have linked these DVD titles to the website of the company that produced them.  Other sources for purchasing many of these DVD’s are www.paddling.net  and www.amazon.com.  I am always adding to this list as I discover new titles.  Titles followed by the designation “VHS” are older titles that may not be available in DVD format, and may not be easily located.  Most of these are titles that I own, so if you have any specific questions about a particular DVD or video, you can contact me by e-mail.

Bracing & Rolling a Kayak


Forward Stroke


Recreational Kayaking

I mostly do not care for the DVD’s on recreational kayaking as I don’t feel that they are careful to make a strong enough distinction between the safety equipment and skills needed for sea kayaking and recreational kayaking, and the limitations of recreational kayaks in regards to where and how they should be used.


Kids Paddling


Sea Kayaking – Comprehensive


Sea Kayaking – Safety/Rescue Information & Skills


Surf Zone Skills


Traditional Greenland Kayaking Skills


University of Sea Kayaking In Depth Instructional Video Series (www.useakayak.org)


Nigel Foster’s Sea Kayaking Series (www.niglefosterkayaks.com)


Whitewater Kayaking



Building a Canoe/Kayak, Maintenance and Repair


Kayak Fishing


Paddling Fitness


Adventure Travel Films/Destination Guides


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